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We are a family owned dog boarding and daycare business! We believe in holistic, comprehensive care- and because of this we are always working on continuing to develop a program that meets all the needs of our doggy pals, from the socialization through the physical and mental needs. It is our goal to provide you and your K-9 pet with the same warm love, attention, care and expertise with which we strive to raise our own children and pets. We believe that dogs are dogs and for that reason, we strive to provide them with a dog’s best environment, not just a human’s best environment. 


Because every interaction with our dog friends teaches them more about us, we put our energies towards helping each K-9 here realize they are in a safe, comfortable, stable and organized environment. To this end we aim to serve the greater Portland area and thank you for being part of our expanded family. We hope to be familiar faces to you!



Welcome to Green Acres K9 Resort! 


We invite you to visit us...

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns!

Our Facilities
  • 2,400 square feet of climate controlled indoor play areas

  • Two large furnaces for drying off and cozying up after a fun day of play in the outdoors

  • Cleaning and fluffing routine at the end of the day to remove all evidence of pooch’s busy day

  • A variety of customized daycare options such as indoor only, no ponds/streams, small dogs only, low activity, etc.

  • Double gated entrance and 6 ft fences for your safety.

  • 18 acres divided into over 8 different outdoor play areas ranging from 1,000 square feet to 5 acres.

  • Real grass, dirt, shade trees and brush to let the ‘real’ dog out

  • Two spring-fed ponds to swim, jump and splash in

  • A lazy creek to run, lay, and play in

  • Apple, maple and oak trees to rest in the shade while receiving loving attention from one of our dog handlers.

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