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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I schedule a tour?


We would love to give you a tour of the facilities and let you know more about the care the dogs receive in person! We offer tours on Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays at these times: 11:30 and between 4:00 and 5:30. Call and schedule a tour today!


Are there breed restrictions?


We accept all breeds! We are able to do this because we have plenty of space to separate dogs into different playgroups if need be. We always reserve the right to remove any dog from the daycare program for their and everyone else's safety. 

Is dog daycare safe?

We make every effort to make it safe for your pet.  Dogs are under direct supervision when socializing at all times.  Although we work with each dog through obedience and rewarding dogs sometimes just do mix.  If that is the case, we will relocate your dog into a smaller/different group to accommodate your pet, or we will provide them a solution that will be keeping them safe.  Having said this, dogs are still animals and as a result, they can be unpredictable.  If you do not feel your dog is safe with other dogs we can keep them separate.  We also recommend pet insurance to address any risks that your pet may experience from health concerns to injury.  There are many options that cost about the same price as a day of daycare per month.  We believe insurance is always a safe plan.    


What are new client dog requirements?


We ask that you fill out our new customer form and send us your dog’s current vaccinations. Please visit the “New Clients” page to learn more!


What is the difference between ‘Boarding Only’ and ‘Boarding with Daycare”?


The difference between these primarily depends on the dog! Dogs who select “Boarding with Daycare” are dogs who, in addition to staying overnight, also participate in our Daycare Program. This means they are playing with a group of dogs all day and walking around the grounds with us as we go about our typical workday. “Boarding Only” means the dog(s) will not interact with other dogs at the facility during their visit. They still get just as much outside time and we visit with them throughout the day but they stay on their own or with the dogs they came with from the same family. “Boarding Only” dogs are typically dogs that have health problems that keep them from being too active, are senior, or maybe don’t get along very well with other dogs.


What should I bring?


  • Food: Please bring your dog's food in a labeled, sturdy container. We especially suggest you bring extra if they will be in the daycare program because they use a lot of energy during their day of play.

  • Bed: Feel free to bring beds to make your pet feel more at home- please label them. We also have bedding here as well so it is not necessary.


What should I not bring?


  • Bowls: We wash and sanitize many bowls daily and don’t want to get yours mixed up with ours!

  • Toys you absolutely have to see again: We can’t guarantee that pooch won’t bring his toys out to share with everyone. Toys are welcome but don’t send anything priceless!

Why does my dog have scratches?


Just like kids playing on a playground or in sports they occasionally get bumped and bruised- this is part of their play! We alert our clients to any bumps or scrapes that we notice but sometimes we don’t catch every single one. We encourage you to let us know what we missed.


Do you offer grooming?


We offer baths and blow-drying! Upon dropping your dog off you will be asked whether or not you would like your pup to have a bath before they come back to you for an additional charge. A bath includes a bubble bath, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and brush out. The price ranges depending on the type and size of your dog.


Do you offer dog training services?


We do not explicitly offer training services but dog training is an integral part of our daily routine. Basic obedience and manner review are built into the daily program with hypo-allergenic treats and lots of praise as rewards. We focus on positive reinforcement and actively work with them throughout the day with treats, pats, and love. 

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