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Vizsla Dogs
Additional Options:
  • Use our food - $10/ lb bag

  • Nails - $10.50

  • Unaltered (Not spayed or neutered) fee is $5/day in addition to normal rate.

  • Bath/nails/blow dry - price dependent on breed and size

  • Charges if picked up after the drop-off time: $8/hr to a maximum of $30***

  • After hour Drop off/pick up (by arrangement only) - $45/dog

  • Special care, medications, services are possibly available after hours by request for an additional fee.  Please consult with the Manager if there is something that you have in mind.  

Boarding Programs

Requirements: See FAQ Page!

Boarding Only

Boarding + Daycare

  • No  interaction with other dogs outside the family

  • AM and PM individual access to outdoor play areas

  • Two room indoor/outdoor kennel

  • Dog pallet and blanket for sleeping

  • One to three meals dependent on your schedule

  • No extra fee for medication administration

  • Rinsed and dry for pick up to erase evidence of busy stay

  • Doggy treats (Allergy free)

  • Music 24 hrs a day

  • 1 Dog: $32.00/24 hrs (effective 2023)

  • 2 Dogs: $59.00/24 hrs 

  • 3 Dogs: $86.00/24 hrs

  • Entire day of free play with compatible dogs

  • One to three meals a day dependent on your schedule

  • Lots of social interaction to improve social skills

  • No extra fee for medication administration

  • Specialized groups for quieter, older, or small dogs

  • Rinsed and dry for pick up to erase evidence of busy stay

  • Basic obedience review

  • Mid-day siesta (nap time)

  • Doggy treats (Allergy Free)

  • Indoor/Outdoor play areas

  • Free access to pool, creek, and pond

  • Constant love and attention throughout the day

  • 1 Dog: $45.00/24 hrs (effective 2023)

  • 2 Dogs: $85.00/24 hrs

  • 3 Dogs: $125.00/24 hrs

*** 1 Hour late $8.00, 2 Hours late $16.00, 3 hours or more late $30.00. For example: If you drop off at 11AM you have till 11AM on your pick up day to get your dog. If your dog stays after 11AM there will be an after 24 hour charge added to your bill.


Drop-off and Pick-up Times
Sunday through Friday:
9:00-9:30 AM
11:00-12:00 PM
1:00-1:30 PM
4:00-5:30 PM (till 6pm by special request)
For the safety of the dogs and people, we are not able to check-in/out outside those times.  Thank you for understand.
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